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Criminal Appeals


Going through the criminal appeals process is incredibly stressful for everyone involved. Those who have received a criminal conviction may feel hopeless or like they are out of options. At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we understand how difficult the criminal process can be. Those who have been convicted have the opportunity to appeal the conviction. If you have been convicted in a Pennsylvania court, you have a right to appeal your conviction. Successful appellants will see their convictions overturned. 


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When it comes to overturning a conviction, time is of the essence. Defendants who have received a sentence have a limited window of time in which to file direct appeals and post-sentence motions. Not every lawyer in Philadelphia has the experience and skill required to succeed in criminal appeals. At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., our lawyers stand out due to our experience and successful track record with criminal appeals. Contact our lawyers today to schedule your initial consultation. 


Every Philadelphia Defendant Has a Right to a Fair Trial

Are you a convicted defendant who believes that you did not receive a fair trial? If so, you have a right to seek post-conviction relief. Under certain circumstances, if there is evidence that you did not receive a fair trial, judges will overrule your conviction. You can file appeals in state court or federal court. At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we have been helping clients fight their wrongful convictions in Philadelphia for decades. We can help you fight your wrongful conviction and try to get your life back. 


Grounds for Appeals in Philadelphia

There are several reasons that take away a defendant’s right to a fair trial. The following are common grounds for appeals in criminal trials:

  • The judge in the trial court failed to give accurate jury instructions
  • The defendant had ineffective legal counsel that failed to provide the best possible defense to their crime
  • New evidence has come to light that was overlooked at the trial court level. DNA evidence is a new type of evidence that has often come to light and resulted in freeing defendants who are wrongfully convicted
  • The prosecutor at the trial court level engaged in illegal actions or misconduct
  • Police officers acted unjustly or illegally during the trial
  • A witness perjured him or herself when the witness’s testimony was instrumental in the defendant’s criminal conviction


Types of Post-Conviction Relief in Philadelphia

Whether a court has found you guilty or you have pleaded guilty, you still have the right to appeal. If successful, a court could reduce your sentence or even reverse your conviction. There many ways to approach post-conviction relief, including the following:

  • Expungements
  • Pardons
  • Appeals to a higher court
  • Post-trial motions
  • Post-sentence motions
  • Motions for extraordinary relief
  • Petitions under the Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA)
  • Motions for early parole
  • Motions to terminate parole/probation
  • Motions to modify a sentence
  • Claims of ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Newly discovered evidence

The two main types of appeals include filing a direct appeal and filing a petition under the Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). Few criminal defense lawyers are prepared to take a case to appeals beyond the trial state. Even fewer have experience appealing a criminal conviction in Pennsylvania. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania is required to hear direct criminal appeals in a timely manner. When the Superior Court denies an appeal, the defendant has the legal right to appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, although they accept few appeals. 

At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., our lawyers have a deep understanding of each of the avenues of attack listed above. Our Philadelphia criminal appeals lawyers have the knowledge and experience with criminal procedure and criminal law to fight hard on behalf of our clients. We know how to spot legal errors, win dismissal of convictions, obtain new trials, and succeed in getting our clients’ sentences reduced. 


Philadelphia Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers

Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act gives defendants may be able to appeal their case when their appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania is denied. Petitions under the Act are not appeals as of right. Only those who may have been wrongfully convicted, are serving illegal sentences, and are actually innocent may apply for relief. If your appeal has been denied, you will only have a limited amount of time to file for post-conviction relief. A defendant must file his or her request for post-conviction relief within a year of the final judgment in most cases. 

The court will recognize exceptions to the one-year rule when a defendant is in jail and new evidence of the case comes to light. There are only a few limited grounds for appeal and the skilled lawyers at Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. will evaluate your case and advise you as to which grounds you might have for post-conviction relief.


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Our experienced lawyers work hard to identify the mistakes made by the trial courts. We want to ensure that you have received due process. With decades of experience as appellate lawyers, our legal team is familiar with navigating appellate procedures. We have successfully appealed all different types of criminal convictions in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. 


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Your case may seem hopeless and you may be thinking there is nothing else you can do except to accept your prison sentence. Our legal team knows how to find possible errors at the trial court lawyers. We also have the legal skills to prepare persuasive appellate motions while working with any other needed evidence to prove your case. 

At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we put our decades of criminal law experience to work for our clients. Facing a wrongful conviction can be devastating and have lifelong negative effects. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation today.