Excessive Force

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While some circumstances may justify an officer’s use of a baton, mace, firearm or Taser, in many cases this force is not necessary or warranted.

At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we have won many cases against police officers and police departments in Pennsylvania. If you or your loved one has been subjected to excessive force, we will fight to hold the police accountable and recover maximum compensation for you.


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Our law firm has protected the rights of people in the Philadelphia area since 1961. Alan Denenberg, an experienced trial attorney who stands up for victims in state and federal courts, leads our police brutality practice.

Alan Denenberg has an insider’s knowledge of how cities and police departments defend police misconduct claims, as he used to work as a city solicitor. His ability to anticipate a city or police department’s defense results in an upper hand for our clients.

When a police officer shoots someone, police departments often accuse the victim of putting the officer’s life on the line. However, police are trained to follow a use of force continuum — they should not use a Taser or deadly force simply because they feel threatened.

Most continuums direct that police officers exhaust all reasonable means before resorting to using their Tasers and firearms.

This means officers do not usually have to put their lives on the line — they have other options. They can use other strategies to de-escalate situations, call for backup or use other less forceful methods than are often used.


When A Firearm Is Involved

While there are many good police officers in the Philadelphia area, there are more than a handful of bad ones who overreact to challenges and in turn violate citizens’ civil rights.

Today, many people in the Philadelphia area are licensed to carry a firearm. If you have a licensed firearm on you when approached by a police officer, keep your hands in plain view — on the steering wheel if you are in a vehicle — and tell the officer that you have a permit. Do not reach to hand over the firearm unless and until an officer requests it.

When a police officer uses excessive force, it not only has the potential to result in severe physical injury or death, but also breaks down the public’s trust in law enforcement. Police brutality lawsuits can lead to compensation for victims and their families, and help hold police departments accountable for protecting and serving the public justly.


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