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Are you concerned that your landlord has violated your rights as a tenant in Philadelphia? If so, it is crucial that you understand your rights under the law. Disputes between tenants and landlords can happen anywhere, but they are even more prevalent in areas with large renter populations like Philadelphia. When disputes arise, renters may find their large security deposits at risk. 

Confusion over lease terms and a landlord’s failure to notify tenants can also lead to serious issues. If you are concerned about losing your deposit or another issue with your landlord, the Philadelphia tenant attorneys at Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. are here to help. Contact Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your rights and how we can help you protect them.


Understanding Your Rights as a Tenant

Tenants have significant rights in Philadelphia, but many need to be made aware of all of their rights. If your landlord has acted in a way that violates the terms of your lease or has violated another local, state, or federal law, you have the right to work with an attorney to resolve the issue. An attorney can help you by writing a demand letter to your landlord. 

If the landlord refuses to comply with the law or your lease, you may need to litigate the issue and seek damages from your landlord in court. Perhaps your landlord is refusing to make necessary repairs, leaving your apartment unlivable or dangerous for you and your family. In that case, you have a right to demand that your landlord provide you with a livable space.

As a tenant in Philadelphia, you have the right to a living space that is fit for human habitation. As a result, landlords have a duty to provide their tenants with a habitable home. Habitable homes will include the following conditions:

  • Running water
  • Proper insulation
  • Protection from the elements 
  • Safety 
  • Electricity
  • Ensuring buildings are up to code

Landlords cannot discriminate based on race, color, gender, physical disability, or religion. Tenants also have protection from unreasonable evictions. Landlords only have the right to make lawful evictions. A landlord cannot evict a tenant unless the tenant does not honor the lease terms by failing to pay rent, engaging in illegal activity, and causing damage to the property, among other things. 

However, a lease cannot contain unlawful provisions. For example, a lease cannot restrict a tenant from filing complaints if their living space is uninhabitable. If you have questions about whether a requirement in your lease agreement is legal, the best thing you can do is reach out to an attorney.


Your Rights During the Eviction Process

Landlords have to follow a detailed set of requirements when they evict tenants. For example, landlords cannot take it upon themselves to change your locks or stop your utility services. They have to go through the appropriate legal process. They have to provide tenants with notice. If the tenant does not address the problem, the landlord must file a complaint with the court. The court will schedule a hearing, and the tenant has the right to present evidence and arguments. If the court rules in favor of eviction, the tenant has 10 days to vacate. If your rights have been violated during the eviction process or you are being wrongfully evicted, our attorneys are here to help. 


When Do You Need a Tenant Attorney in Philadelphia?

Local ordinances and state laws protect tenants’ rights. When a conflict arises between a landlord and a tenant, landlords must follow the procedure carefully. Follow the procedure to ensure the ability to collect unpaid rent or evict a tenant. Signing a lease agreement is legally binding, but you may need to involve a judge if a conflict arises. 

While you have the right to represent yourself, these disputes can be complicated. An issue may involve confusion about who is responsible for a certain matter or whose rights have been violated. Working with a seasoned tenant attorney can favorably resolve the conflict. If you are involved in any of the following types of conflict with your landlord, one of our attorneys can advocate for you and your rights as you move through the problem:

  • You are currently being evicted, or you anticipate being evicted
  • You want to move to another property but can’t get out of your lease
  • Your privacy is being violated
  • Your landlord is not responding to your request to make your home habitable
  • There is a disagreement about the rental agreement
  • Your landlord is suing you
  • You are having issues getting your security deposit back


How a Tenant Attorney Can Help You

Understanding landlord-tenant law can be complicated. A qualified landlord-tenant attorney in Philadelphia can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under your lease agreement and relevant laws. As landlord-tenant issues involve a person’s home, both parties’ judgments can be affected by emotion. When your home and money are at stake, it can take time to negotiate effectively. 

In many cases, an attorney can help you negotiate a reasonable settlement to avoid going through the expensive and complicated process of going to court. The attorneys at Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. are here to protect your legal rights at every step. We have a proven track record of holding Philadelphia landlords accountable when they violate tenants’ rights.


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Regarding landlord-tenant issues, Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. has extensive experience fighting for Philadelphia tenants. We have an end up knowledge of landlord-tenant law. We use our knowledge and experience to advocate for tenants and hold landlords accountable. When you meet with us, we will help you understand your rights and determine the best way to enforce them under the law. 

Our attorneys can negotiate your conflict with your landlord to pursue the best resolution possible. We are prepared to take your case to court to protect your rights if that does not work. Contact the Philadelphia tenant Attorneys at Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.