Prison Suicides

Mistreatment Or Suicide In Prison

Just because inmates and prisoners are behind bars doesn't mean they have been stripped completely of their civil rights. On the contrary, as soon as a citizen is taken into police custody, authorities owe that individual a certain duty of care.

At Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we aggressively advocate for the rights of individuals who are incarcerated. If your loved one has been injured in prison, either due to medical neglect or a lack of supervision, we can help you fight for answers and compensation.

We represent victims of mistreatment in prison or jail on contingency. We will not ask you to pay us anything unless we win your case.

Inadequate Medical Treatment in Prison

If your loved one has not received adequate medical care in prison or jail, resulting in a serious injury, you may have a civil rights claim.

We help victims of negligent medical care in prison or jail file lawsuits when:

  • Medical care or treatment is intentionally delayed or withheld
  • Health care providers, guards or other authority figures interfere with treatment

Claims for inadequate medical treatment may stem from a person being admitted to a facility with an injury, such as a fracture, and treatment being delayed or withheld. Consequently, the fracture heals improperly, resulting in the need for surgeries and additional care.

Prison or jail officials and police departments can only be held liable when it can be proven that "deliberate indifference" was involved. This is the intentional failure to provide medical care for a serious injury or illness.

Suicide in Prison

Losing a loved one to suicide is incredibly difficult. Regardless of the circumstances, you probably want answers. Could your loved one's suicide have been prevented?

When someone commits suicide in a prison, jail or holding cell at a police station, it is important to investigate whether the inmate received proper care and supervision at the facility. There are many clues that a person is suicidal, and police departments and correctional facilities are known to overlook these signs. Too often health care providers, police officers and guards fail to provide inmates who have suicidal ideations with the support they require.

If your loved one did not receive proper care and supervision, resulting in suicide, we will help you hold negligent parties accountable and seek compensation.

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